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Welcome to the CityGML Utility Network ADE Wiki, hosted by the SIG3D

This wiki provides information and results of the workshops held by the Utility Network ADE working group.
Please refer to the individual workshop pages to access the presentation slides, minutes and further outcomes from the workshops.

Resources required for working with the Utility Network ADE are available from the github repository at:
These resources include

  • the UML model and the XML schema
  • information on how to derive the XML schema from the UML model using ShapeChange
  • information on how to use the ADE with FME
  • test data sets which were created from various source data using FME

Communication among the members of the Utility Network ADE working group takes place via the Google group Utility-Network-ADE.
To become a member of this Google group please contact Tatjana Kutzner.

Upcoming Workshop

Previous Workshops

  • 4th joint SIG 3D and OGC workshop on the CityGML Utility Network ADE and 1st joint CityGML Energy ADE and CityGML UtilityNetwork ADE workshop – Karlsruhe, 6-8 December 2017